At G-Tek we manufacture a very wide range of hydraulic hose assemblies as per pattern or to specification, with a wide variety of fittings and couplings, from small to large  we stock everything you would need to complete your requirements, from 3/16 R7 to 1.1/2 4SH/Interlock and 6mm Fuel hose to 1.1/2 clearbraided or 2" Foodstuff Hose.


We carry a large selection of hydraulic and pneumatic couplings 'Probed' 'Flat-face' and all types of PCL or Rectus Couplings.


G-Tek will also maintain and repair Hydraulic Cylinders from Re-sealing to Fabrication, with a keen turnaround.


 Here at G-Tek we love to take on new challenges, so don't hesitate to call